Cherry Lamingtons

Umm, these little Australian cakes are delicious, but wow are they messy to make. If you’ve got little children I can imagine they’d have tons of fun with these – no wonder Lamington drives and bake offs are very popular in Australia and New Zealand. I’ve made these twice before (a traditional recipe and aContinue reading “Cherry Lamingtons”

Walnut cake with lemon buttercream

This is an amazingly bouncy walnut sponge topped with a lemon buttercream – this is a change to the traditional coffee and walnut combination but goes beautifully together.   Notes For this recipe I’ve used a mix of unsalted butter and baking margarine. I did some experimenting comparing all butter, all margarine and a mixContinue reading “Walnut cake with lemon buttercream”

Orange and chocolate friands

These are based on the Orange-chocolate cake recipe in the ‘La Mere De La Famille’ recipe book by Julien Merceron. The original recipe is for two large-ish loaf tin cakes. I have tweaked the recipe a little so that it can be baked perfectly as smaller individual cakes. There are two absolutely essential changes: theContinue reading “Orange and chocolate friands”

Surprise inside cake – Swiss roll and Madeira

  This cake was borne out of another Daring Bakers challenge for a ‘surprise inside’ cake. Some of the suggestions had zebra, marbled or chequered coloured sponge hidden under icing so it would only show when cut, others had hidden treats in a cut-out well inside or were baked with a design or pattern (theseContinue reading “Surprise inside cake – Swiss roll and Madeira”