Pistachio and raspberry/bay Battenburg

Something a little different from the traditional Battenburg, this cake incorporates pistachios and a fresh raspberry sauce which has been flavoured with bay leaf. I have made my own marzipan, and have included the ingredients but please don’t think you have to do this – you can use shop bought (I do think it’s inferiorContinue reading “Pistachio and raspberry/bay Battenburg”

Raspberry swirl pinwheel biscuits

These biscuits are a shortbread recipe with extra ground almonds. This makes the biscuits a little sticker and softer so that the swirl stays together slightly better. Plus I usually replace a little of the flour in shortbread with ground almonds anyway, as I think it improves the recipe. The raspberry swirl has some ground,Continue reading “Raspberry swirl pinwheel biscuits”