Marbled mint chocolate cheesecake

This was developed for a dinner with some friends, after doing some gardening and tending the herbs on my patio including my large tub of spearmint. Apart from mojito’s (no complaints here!) and savoury dips and mint sauce I wondered what I could do that was sweet with the mint. One of my guests IContinue reading “Marbled mint chocolate cheesecake”

Strawberry, almond and pistachio cheesecake sponge

This recipe was taken from the most recent (June 2014) edition of the BBC Good Food magazine, however I had to replace/adapt some of the ingredients and the method a little. The cake looked too gorgeous not to try and I was intrigued by the cheesecake/sponge combination. Strawberry, almond and pistachio cheesecake sponge It’s aContinue reading “Strawberry, almond and pistachio cheesecake sponge”