Christmas cookie swap: festive caraway and cinnamon biscuit recipe

Warmly spiced Christmas biscuits, ideal for gifting and sharing. Flavoured with four spices, vanilla, orange zest and using black treacle and olive oil

Sticky crumble topped gingerbread

Searching for a gingerbread recipe can be a bit confusing – for a start gingerbread can be a rich loaf cake, a pain d’epices, or it can be a crisp biscuit for gingerbread houses or little iced biscuits (see my own recipe for Gingerbread foxes). This is neither! Inspired in part by Grassmere gingerbread (aContinue reading “Sticky crumble topped gingerbread”

Twisted olive oil biscuits with orange juice – biscotti torcetti con arancia e olio d’oliva

These lovely biscuits have a crunchy exterior and a soft middle. They are softly flavoured throughout with orange, including the drizzled icing. The fine quality of the Tipo 00 flour gives the crust extra bite. I am delighted that Filippo Berio has seen fit to include my recipe on their website. Notes Makes 10 largeContinue reading “Twisted olive oil biscuits with orange juice – biscotti torcetti con arancia e olio d’oliva”

Sicillian-style lemon amaretti

These amaretti are halfway between the hard little amaretti you get with a coffee after dinner and a macaron. They are crisp at the edges and soft in the middle. There’s a rich almond flavour as you’d expect but I have also spiked these with amaretto liqueur and lemon zest. The ingredients and consistency areContinue reading “Sicillian-style lemon amaretti”