handsAn experienced copywriter and designer and a talented artist, I bring a host of commercial sector skills and know-how (and a bit of cheek) to my recipes, food writing, food styling, photography and illustration. I believe you get a bit more style in all sorts of ways from my recipes and how-to’s than your average food blogger.

I have already collabrated (unpaid, in an amateur capacity to build my portfolio) with Filippo Berio, MacMillian Cancer Trust, Joseph Joseph, Craggs & Co., Which?, Wren’s Kitchens and Ingham’s Holidays amongst others.

Work with me

From Summer 2018 I am open to work in a professional capacity with organisations and brands. I am able to provide recipe development, photography, styling, written copy, illustration and artworks, reviews, tutoring, social media coverage and more. (Please note: I currently still work part-time).

For full information:

Read my media pack PDF

or email me

This page is just a brief glimpse at some of my photography and styling,  illustration and  craft skills… I’ll be adding more as I can [May 2018]. A useful place to scroll through my range of food and additional skills is on Instagram, as I post many, many more images there than are just confined to my recipes.

I may not have the huge numbers on social media, but I do have a loyal following of a few thousand on Twitter, Instagram and on this website. I believe I represent quality and many of my posts and tweets get interactions in the thousands (as above).

Take a wander through my stories to discover my recipes, my features and, not least, my writing style. More than happy for you to get in touch and discuss how I can join in 🙂

Recipe development

A good place to start finding out about the breadth of recipe development is the About this website page which lists categorised examples. One thing about my recipes: I do not post often, because I am keen to ensure my recipes are correct and I will often make them multiple times before posting (I am worried about the breakneck speed at which some develop their recipes and the implications of that rushing).

Food photography and styling

Illustrations and artworks