Photography & styling

Explore my food, drinks and product imagery and moving photography using the links below:

Product & Lifestyle


  • Filippo Berio
  • Natusan cat litter
  • Lovebugs cat food
  • Parogencyl oral care
  • Craggs & Co.
  • MiniVino wines
  • Finish dishwasher products
  • Bundaberg
  • Three Mills Wines
  • Proudly Vegan wines
  • BIC stationary
  • Barilla pasta

Please note that I am a registered photographer/videographer with Creatively Squared

Complementary skills and experience:

  • Product, food and drink imagery
  • Stop motion
  • Short form videography
  • Post production photographhic manipulation
  • Photography, styling, styling advice/demonstrations
  • Copywriting and reviews 
  • Illustration and artworks
  • Tutoring and demonstrations 
  • Craft development

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