Chocolate and nut tart

This tart uses a sweet shortcrust pastry shell and has a velvety, rich chocolate filling with toasted hazelnuts and pecans. It goes exceptionally well with ice cream and, for a really cheffy desert, I’d suggest serving it with an orange reduction sauce, a nut brittle and either homemade ice cream (something like clotted cream, orangeContinue reading “Chocolate and nut tart”

Marbled mint chocolate cheesecake

This was developed for a dinner with some friends, after doing some gardening and tending the herbs on my patio including my large tub of spearmint. Apart from mojito’s (no complaints here!) and savoury dips and mint sauce I wondered what I could do that was sweet with the mint. One of my guests IContinue reading “Marbled mint chocolate cheesecake”

Pomegranate, plum and strawberry curd

I love fruit curds – very retro and very under appreciated. Not only are they great in sandwiches, on toast and for scones and pancakes and similar things, but I often use them as either cake or tart fillings. I sometimes mix them with a little whipped cream or will use them in place ofContinue reading “Pomegranate, plum and strawberry curd”

Walnut cake with lemon buttercream

This is an amazingly bouncy walnut sponge topped with a lemon buttercream – this is a change to the traditional coffee and walnut combination but goes beautifully together.   Notes For this recipe I’ve used a mix of unsalted butter and baking margarine. I did some experimenting comparing all butter, all margarine and a mixContinue reading “Walnut cake with lemon buttercream”

Marshmallow brownies

This is sort of a tease – yes, there are marshmallows in the brownies but you won’t find individual pieces of marshmallow. I’ve added them to the recipe because they melt into the rest of the brownie during the baking process and add even more unctuousness to the finished bake, making these some intensely gooeyContinue reading “Marshmallow brownies”