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Nine top tips on artful bread scoring

Stencilled beer cob

Bread shapes – commonly used bread shapes to make at home

Sourdough for starters (or grow your own pet yeast)


What pasta making equipment do you really need? Part one: the basics

What pasta making equipment do you really need? Part two: going further

FOOD RELATED | Patisserie techniques

Feuilletage chocolat / chocolate puff pastry

Chocolate tempering – a visual guide

French meringue recipe and ‘meringue 101’

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FOOD RELATED | Baking science

Testing hotspots in your oven – using kitchen science

Chemical leaveners and raising agents

Why your oven temperature conversion charts could be wrong – and does it matter?

Maths, algebra and puff pastry

Science of meringue making

Science of bread making – how yeast works

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FOOD RELATED | Ingredient information

Science of meringue making

Meringue 101 – hints and tips and French meringue recipe

FOOD RELATED | Cookbook reviews

Lavender and Lovage – book review 📖

FOOD RELATED | Restaurant and events reviews

Fizz & Sizzle with Filippo Berio

Eating the East End (review of the East End food tour)

James Herbert was almost right: he who controls the spice controls Nottingham 

LIFESTYLE | Lifestyle articles

The student kitchen

Inspiration and relaxation

Organising storage in a small kitchen (and a Joseph Joseph Nest product review)

CRAFT | Craft projects for food

Stencilled beer cob

Honey, orange and hazelnut biscuits 🐝

Hanging herb planter

Pane di Pasqua – Easter bread, including dyeing and patterning eggs

Cheetah shortbreads

Spiral cake with marbled sponge – or cake and maths

Gingerbread foxes recipe – including how to make your own biscuit cutter shapes

Naked wedding cake

How to make your own tuile template

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How to cover a sketchbook or journal

Easy dove grey crochet throw

Hanging herb planter

Herb sprigs for the kitchen

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