I’m Lynn and I’m a creative, artistic crafter, designer, baker and cook.

InkSugarSpice food and craftblogI’m a self-taught baker, confectioner, cook, bread maker and pastaia (fresh pasta maker). But, equally typically, you can find me covered in ink or paint as much as flour. I’m design-degree trained (and work as a web/graphic designer and copywriter) and there’s not much (food, arts or crafts) that I can’t make or create by hand.

I’ve been cooking, baking and making bread and pasta for around 30 years now (yes, I’m pushing 50!) and throughout have kept recipe ideas and sketches in notebooks. I have lots of my own recipes and a surprising amount of experience for someone who doesn’t make a living out of food (yet).

I have a passion for learning how to do new things and a desire to make anything by hand that I can, rather than just go buy it. This, coupled with all that I learnt at Art School and throughout my 3D Design (Theatre) honour degree (a really practical skills-heavy course), has lead me to be able to sew, pattern cut, embroider, crochet, knit, woodwork, carve, turn wood, wicker work and basketry, leatherwork, metalwork, plastics, sculpture, watercolour, illustration in pen and ink and pencil, scale modelling, lino print, calligraphy, acrylic and oil painting, photography and many general crafts.

One of my original illustrations
What I like cooking – and investigating

I enjoy food that allows me to be creative. Switching up ingredients, plating or arranging a dish differently, decorating, creating complex bread shapes, playing with coloured pasta and shapes, adding infographics or an illustration or even making my own tools or props.

The science of cooking also interests me, especially the chemistry behind confectionery as there is so much. I’m no scientist and much is initially over my head and is a challenge for me to comprehend each new area I read up on. It’s proving fun investigating and pushing my understanding as I go.

My food tastes

stripey pastaI am a complete Italophile and adore Italian food (prompted by there being Italian in my Dad’s half of the family). Especially making pasta, including artisan handmade shapes and flavoured, coloured pastas – I have been making pasta by hand now for almost 30 years (and almost all of that has been without a pasta machine!), but there is always plenty more to learn which is a complete joy. Other cuisines I really admire and cook often are Thai, Mexican, Spanish, Indian (especially Southern Indian), Japanese and other Asian cuisines. I have been lucky enough to travel to Thailand, Mexico and Spain amongst this list, which has also influenced my tastes. I think really I pick up on the most flavourful, spice-laden national cuisines – I adore hot and spicy!

walnutsourdoughThis does not mean I do not love my own home food – I think British food rather unfairly got a bad reputation because of the years of austerity and ‘making do’ during WWII and while rationing persisted for a decade after. That’s some while ago and it’s still a perpetuating myth. It’s a melting pot of hundreds of years of good cooking with excellent produce (the UK is a bounty for home produced, reared and caught food) and the influence of many other cultures. The current UK food scene must be one of the most dynamic and exciting in the world at the moment. I’m sorry for all those who continue to narrowmindedly snear at it, as you are indeed missing out.

You can connect with me on Twitter and Instagram as well as via this blog. I love to interact with people (I’m a bit chatty) so please leave me a comment. Should you want to use a recipe, a photo, an illustration then please get in touch. I’m happy to discuss working with you (such as devising a recipe, illustration, developing a craft project or to collaborate).

Photo on 03-06-2016 at 09.19 #4
Me, at my desk!

Lynn Clark

Derbyshire, England

[Updated February 2018]


  1. Hi Scarlet, I thought I’d better come over here and say all the nice things on your site that I actually wrote on mine. I’m so pleased I’ve discovered your blog – it’s a breath of fresh air. So good to find someone who can write well and intelligently AND take fab pix AND draw AND (colour me impressed) capable of making their own kitchen kit. I look forward to more of your posts. Linda x


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