About this website


This website reflects my equal love of art, crafts and both sweet and savoury cooking. Hence the name ‘Ink, Sugar & Spice’, which is meant to represent all these areas. It’s a website I’ve tried to target to anyone who, like me, is a little creative, quirky, inquisitive and who likes to play with their food.

Ink Sugar Spice blog https://inksugarspice.wordpress.com/

What’s here in food

Ink Sugar Spice is full of recipes. Some are quite simple and some are very complex, multi-stage recipes or those that even take a number of days (for example the sourdough Pan D’oro). I have not dumbed down any recipes, and only a few recipes with precise steps have additional photos or illustrations.

As mentioned, there is a range of skill levels accommodated here in the recipes, from almost all-in-one baking through to very tricky confectionery, patisserie, breadmaking and handmade pasta. These means there is a huge breadth to the list of recipe posts, for example:

Ink Sugar Spice blog https://inksugarspice.wordpress.com/

It’s not just plain old recipes…

I have a passion for research and learning, and this is reflected in the text for the recipes I develop. Many posts look back at the history and development of recipes over time, the etymology of terms or even the science behind what’s happening in your pan, oven and food to create the end result.

Other posts include mathematical explanations of the finished product or ‘kitchen science’ experiments. There are also many crafty and highly creative things for you to replicate or my musings on my kitchen to help you in yours – and a few injections of my illustrations.

Some examples of the diversity of my food-related posts are:

Please see the full list of non-recipe posts.

Ink Sugar Spice blog https://inksugarspice.wordpress.com/


This site was first set up to cover my baking, and has grown to accommodate a host of other foods I love to cook. However I have been bringing in my craft and art posts slowly to this site. I aim (throughout 2019) to enrich it with additional crafting articles and DIY projects. I have always made things: if I think I can make it, I will try. My home is full of crafted items and own DIY. I have been adept with my hands all my life and trained as a theatre designer (though I went into graphic design and copywriting) so there’s basically very little that I can’t make myself if I have the tools, time and resources.

Please see the list of non-recipe posts to view craft projects. My goal this year is to post a significant number of craft articles, so please watch this space!

Ink Sugar Spice blog https://inksugarspice.wordpress.com/

A caveat on my recipes…

You won’t specifically find my recipes especially health conscious or low fat – although sometimes such things creep in! There may be the occasional very healthy recipe thrown in as balance and I do a lot of use of fruit, veggies and (especially) herbs throughout.

I aim for me and my family to eat very healthily for at at least 80% of the time. This gives me some leverage on indulgence while still looking after our health.

My personal bugbear in food is waste, so many of my recipes are originally devised to use up scraps of ingredients I have in my fridge.

I hope you enjoy some of my recipes and please do comment (I like to chat back). If you want to know more or contact me please see the About me page.


Ink Sugar Spice blog https://inksugarspice.wordpress.com/