Spiced biscuit spread

biscuit spreadI developed this recipe to go along with my Mont Blanc recipe. I used a ready made biscuit spread (OK, Biscoff) to make the first batch, and as you may know, it’s not like me to use a proprietary product when I can make it from scratch myself.

In the USA this type of recipe is referred to as ‘cookie butter’. I think I read one too many Viz comics as a teenager and I can’t bring myself to refer to it as that (if you’d read a Viz, you’d know – and you’d be left scarred as I’ve been!!).

I started with blending up the biscuits, working from that point to recreate the taste and texture as closely as I could. I didn’t look at any other recipe until after I was happy, but when I did look online they’re all much more complicated than how I created mine…

I saw recipes that use some things I don’t think are needed – lemon juice, oil and evaporated milk, for instance, and some that required cooking. This is simple, creamy and uses the minimum of ingredients to recreate the original jar of Biscoff.

You can use your own homebaked speculaas biscuits or shop bought Biscoff/alternatives. Both will work. Alternatively, use digestives and two teaspoons of speculaas spice mix.

This makes about a typical jar full, and is enough for the Mont Blancs. Keep in the fridge and use within about 3-4 days as it includes fresh cream without being cooked.

This is a totally no-cook recipe.


  • A blender or food processor. (Sorry – for this one you really need it. You may be able to get away with crushing the biscuits in a pestle and mortar but I am not sure – also if you’re using it for the Mont Blancs, then I don’t think you’d get it fine enough to be able to pipe this way)
  • Flexible spatula


  • 300g spiced biscuits (your own, a speculaas biscuit, Biscoff etc)
  • 6 tablespoons of dark brown sugar (
  • 6 tablespoons of double cream
  • 45g of unsalted butter at room temperature
  • 60ml water


  1. Break the biscuits up a little into your blender and whizz until they are as fine crumbed as possible
  2. Add in everything, except the water and pulse until it all comes together. The heat from the blender blade friction will be enough to loosen the ingredients and help them mix together
  3. Pour about 3/4 of the water into the blender and continue to mix – it will obviously now loosen
  4. Stop the blender (turn off at the switch to be careful) and test the consistency of the spread – it needs to be a little softer than smooth peanut butter
  5. Add more water if it’s still too stiff a mixture or stop where you are if it’s already the right consistency. I expect you will need all the water
  6. Using a flexible scraper to get it all, scrape out and store in a jar or bowl in the fridge




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