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Meringue Yule log

Chocolate meringue yule log recipe – easy, delicious and also naturally gluten free

Caring for your bannetons

If you’re a keen bread baker you probably will have one or more proofing bannetons. These can actually represent quite a bit of financial outlay, if you’ve amassed a collection. The fact that they’re such useful and essential kit for a baker together with the financial investment does mean they need a little looking after.

Seeded maslin loaf

My maslin loaf marries soft white white flour with wholemeal spelt. It produces a light, airy but uniform crumb with a lovely taste and texture. The addition of the seeded top gives added taste, texture and of course all the nutritional benefits that seeds can provide.


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My passion project is food and drink photography but my main careers is as a comms and digital design manger at a Russell Group University – this involves copywriting, web and graphic design, social media etc.

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